Welcome to Prime Velo.

“I visited a website that numbered 50 reasons to start your own business. None are correct.
There is only one reason to go into business. Read the blog!”
-Barry Riemer, founder Prime Velo Consulting

“The reason your back office is a drag on net profit is because you’ve ignored it for way too long.”


Whether it’s a one person job or a ten person job, Prime Velo is ready on short notice to manage and maintain financial activities. Our goal is not to do the best job we can, rather to do the job better than it ever has been done before.

Back office activities within the cycling industry are not unique. Management personnel within the industry are.

What we can do for you:


  • Purchase and implement accounting software appropriate for the size of the business.
  • Establish key positions and either maintain those positions or hire correct personnel.
  • Meet investor needs through cash projections, licensing filing, or any other needs.
  • All treasury activities including establishing banking relationships.

Established Retailers, Manufacturers, or Distributors:

  • Evaluate back office personnel and systems.
  • Create or update desk procedures.
  • Determine if present software is outdated or if the business has outgrown what it has.
  • Provide spreadsheet templates calculating landed cost, daily cash balancing.
  • Prepare or train existing personnel to provide management with needed financial
  • Reports on a monthly basis.
  • Evaluate current treasury functions and provide a tune-up where needed.
  • Provide tax preparer with all of their needs.



Sorry, I had to do that. I take it your inventory is established, when received, at your cost. Your cost is plucked from the invoice sent to you then the product is shipped. Okay, so you’ve gotten the bikes and such on the books at your cost. When you sell it, your...

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