Once referred to as “the best CFO in the industry” by the marketing director of a major bicycle manufacturer, Barry Riemer founded Prime Velo Consulting to bring his lengthy resume of accomplishment in financial management to the cycling industry he loves.

The question asked most by his clients? “Why was your email sent at 2:30am?” The answer is always the same. “Because I’m still that nine year old who jumps out of bed as soon as his eyes open and I love getting back to work even while the world sleeps.”

Barry has found that too many bike retailers operate their businesses more like a hobby than as a profitable wealth builder. He shares the passion for cycling that owner-enthusiasts have, however he has found that management of back office operations lacks greatly throughout the industry, even among the largest manufacturers and bike suppliers.

Although Prime Velo can manage financial operations for management, he is passionate that they understand the meaning of each element of the financial reports.

It’s this passion that led him to teach Accounting at the college level to blue collar workers and graduate 300 of them.

A quotable expert in both print and television media, Barry Riemer and Prime Velo Consulting bring financial expertise to your back office and a sense of security to its management leaders.